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Weatherby Mark V Triggers

TriggerTech is pleased to announce the release of the Weatherby Mark V Trigger. TriggerTech is supplying Weatherby with Mark V Field Triggers (2.5 – 5.0 lbs) for use in their Mark V rifles. TriggerTech has also released Mark V Primary (1.5 – 4.0 lbs) and Special Triggers (1.0 – 3.5 lbs) to the aftermarket. Both TriggerTech Models are available with a Weatherby Curved lever or a Straight Flat lever in PVD Black.

triggertech weatherby

NEW – Patented (pending) Dynamic Over Travel Technology

The bolt release on a Mark V Trigger is built into the trigger lever function - the user pulls the trigger with the bolt open to operate the bolt release. This presented a new challenge for TriggerTech as minimizing overtravel is a key focus for TriggerTech. TriggerTech developed and patented (pending) Dynamic Overtravel Technology™ to get away from the overtravel implications of this design. Dynamic Overtravel Technology™ is comprised of a patented, bolt release transfer bar that acts as an overtravel stop when the bolt is closed but clears when the bolt is opened allowing the trigger to operate as a bolt release lever. This advancement makes it possible for us to engineer the ideal overtravel characteristics into the Mark V Trigger.

TriggerTech Mark 5

Zero Creep Technology™

TriggerTech developed patented Zero Creep™ to get away from the limitations faced by sliding friction triggers (all other triggers are sliding friction triggers). Zero Creep™ is comprised of a patented, free-floating roller that is captured between the sear and the trigger. This advancement makes it possible for us to engineer the ideal release characteristics into every one of our triggers.

 triggertech mark 5

TKR Technology™

TriggerTech set out to develop a trigger with leading overtravel and reset control and developed a new component to achieve this. TKR Technology™ utilizes something we've named the "ticker" - an intermediary component that can pivot freely from trigger lever to enable the sear to release without requiring further displacement from the trigger lever. This minimizes overtravel and sets you up for the perfect reset - one that is short (< 0.030") but remains tactile and forceful enough so you are not wondering if your next shot is good to go.

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CLKR Technology™

TriggerTech wanted to make adjustable triggers that allowed the operator to quickly and confidently adjust pull weight. This drove the development of patented CLKR Technology™ - a detent and set screw combination that enables the operator to adjust the trigger's pull weight with tactile clicks that let the operator know just how much they have adjusted. To further adjusting confidence, we made the adjustment feature fail-safe. It’s designed to withstand over tightening and if the set screw is removed the trigger will operate at the low end of its pull range.

weatherby mark V

Trusted by Competitive Shooters

TriggerTech Triggers have become the most popular triggers in the Precision Rifle Series and the National Rifle League. Now Weatherby Mark V Rifles owners will have access to the same technologies that are trusted by the majority of top ranked competitive shooters in the USA. 

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