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Terms & Conditions

WARNING: Failure to properly install your trigger and ensure proper safety functionality could result in an unsafe firearm. Read and follow all instructions. Contact TriggerTech or a licensed gunsmith for assistance.

TriggerTech Disclaimer

Improper handling, installation, storage and/or use of Trigger Tech products and/or the firearm in which they are installed, can cause death, serious injury and/or property damage.

TriggerTech products are designed solely for installation and use in the specific firearm for which they are advertised. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine compatibility.

Aftermarket trigger handling and installation can involve complicated procedures and presuppose knowledge of firearms handling. If a purchaser or user is not familiar, or not sufficiently familiar, with firearms handling and exchanging out trigger components, the purchaser or user (collectively, “Purchaser”) must seek further information and assistance from a gunsmith or other qualified professional.

By installing or using any purchased TriggerTech trigger product (“TT Product”) the Purchaser agrees to the following terms and conditions: 1.The Purchaser will abide by all applicable firearm safety laws, protocols, and regulations in force in the jurisdiction where the TT Product is handled, installed, stored and/or used; 2. The Purchaser certifies that he/she is legally entitled to purchase and use the TT Product and the firearm in which it is to be installed, in the jurisdiction where the TT Product is purchased and used; 3. The Purchaser assumes responsibility for ensuring that any users of the TT Product comply with these terms and conditions and with all applicable firearms safety protocols and regulations when handling, installing, storing and/or operating the TT Product; 4. The Purchaser agrees to conduct a test for proper trigger fit and function, before each use of the TT Product, with the firearm in which it is installed in an unloaded condition. Never assume the TT Product works without testing it; 5. The Purchaser agrees to consistently use a trigger lock on the installed TT Product, together with any related safety mechanism on the firearm in which the TT Product is installed; 6. The Purchaser agrees to contact TriggerTech immediately in the event of any change or loss of trigger function; 7. Following installation, the Purchaser will not conduct any maintenance of the TT Product which requires disassembly of the TT Product, in whole or part; 8. In no event shall TriggerTech be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising from loss of life, personal injury and/or property damage, in connection with the use or misuse of the TT product, or the firearm in which the TT Product is installed; 9. TriggerTech is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the Purchaser resulting from a lack of training or knowledge of firearms handling, or failure to properly implement such training and knowledge; 10. The Purchaser assumes the risk and all liability for death, injury, and loss and damage to persons or property caused by use or installation inconsistent with TriggerTech’s instructions, negligent or intentional use or misuse of the TT Product, or the firearm in which the TT Product is installed.

TriggerTech Limited Warranty

TriggerTech warrants to the original retail purchaser that this TriggerTech product will be free from manufacturing and handling defects for thirty days after the original sale of the product, and from manufacturing defects for the life of the product. This warranty only applies if this product was manufactured and sold by TriggerTech. This warranty excludes conditions caused by excessive wear and tear, aggressive handling, unreasonable use, modifications, alternation, tampering, misuse, improper installation, or other factors outside TriggerTech’s control. Modifying the product in any way VOIDS this warranty. This limited warranty does not extend to future performance.

No TriggerTech representative, distributor or reseller is authorized to assume any other obligation or liability in connection with the product, or to alter the terms of this warranty.


Trigger Tech does not assume any liability arising from loss of life, personal injury and/or property damage in connection with the use, misuse or modification of the TT product, or the firearm in which the TT Product is installed.

Warranties are handled directly by TriggerTech, not through our dealer network. To obtain warranty coverage, please contact us directly at the number/website below for a return authorization. Product alleged to be defective must be returned to Trigger Tech for inspection. The cost of shipping to us is the customer’s responsibility. Any products determined by TriggerTech to require warranty coverage, will be replaced or repaired, at TriggerTech’s sole option.

EXPORT WARNING: If you are in the Unites States do not ship your trigger back to TriggerTech. Once your TriggerTech trigger has entered the USA it becomes subject to the export control of either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and cannot be exported without the authorization of either the Department of State or the Department of Commerce prior to export.

Note: Installation of your TriggerTech trigger may void all or part of your firearm manufacturer’s warranty, so please check with the firearm manufacturer to find out if installation will affect your firearm warranty prior to installation of the trigger.

TriggerTech Satisfaction Guarantee

TriggerTech Triggers have distinctively less creep than competitors’ products. While most shooters view this as a benefit, some may not enjoy the distinct, crisp feeling of a TriggerTech Trigger. If you are the original purchaser and are not satisfied with the zero-creep break of your TriggerTech Trigger, you may return it to TriggerTech within thirty (30) days of purchase, in the original packaging and with proof of purchase. Provided the Trigger is undamaged, Trigger Tech will refund the purchase price.