Your trigger is your firearm’s operating system and its purpose is to ensure you are safe and successful. We believe the trigger is the most important component in any firearm and that you should love and trust your trigger. For the last 5 years, we have obsessed over triggers and have left no detail untouched.

Frictionless Release Technology™

TriggerTech developed FRT™ to get away from the limitations faced by sliding friction triggers (all other triggers are sliding friction triggers). FRT™ is comprised of a patented, free-floating roller that is captured between the sear and the trigger. This advancement makes it possible for us to engineer the ideal release characteristics into every one of our triggers.

TKR Technology™

TriggerTech set out to develop a trigger with leading overtravel and reset control and developed a new component to achieve this. TKR Technology™ utilizes something we've named the "ticker" - an intermediary component that can pivot freely from trigger lever to enable the sear to release without requiring further displacement from the trigger lever. This minimizes overtravel and sets you up for the perfect reset - one that is short (< 0.030") but remains tactile and forceful enough so you are not wondering if your next shot is good to go.

CLKR Technology™

TriggerTech wanted to make adjustable triggers that allowed the operator to quickly and confidently adjust pull weight. This drove the development of CLKR Technology™ - a detent and set screw combination that enables the operator to adjust the trigger's pull weight with tactile clicks that let the operator know just how much they have adjusted. To further adjusting confidence, we made the adjustment feature fail-safe. It’s designed to withstand over tightening and if the set screw is removed the trigger will operate at the low end of its pull range.

FLTWR Spring Technology™

High performance AR triggers often have a reputation for failing to consistently deliver sufficient hammer strikes. To ensure TriggerTech was not type-cast we developed FLTWR Spring Technology™. FLTWR Spring Technology™ is simply a flat wire hammer spring that enables us to get more coils and provide more force into the hammer. This innovation results in more dependable primer ignition, less variability in bullet velocity and a longer service life for your trigger.

TriggerTech Levers

The trigger lever is where you connect with your firearm and we believe it should be perfect. Our curved triggers have that perfect amount of bend and the vertical grooves are there to help keep your finger in place. Our straight levers offer a different feel and enable operators to comfortably adjust trigger pull weight by moving their finger up or down on the lever. The edges are neither round nor sharp enabling control without discomfort. The locator nub is large enough to be noticed yet minimalist enough that it is possible to effectively operate even with your finger over this point.

TriggerTech Housings

TriggerTech housings are made of anodized 7075 aluminum. They are designed to minimize the ability for contaminants to get inside the trigger.

Even when intentionally contaminated with the harshest materials, Frictionless Release Technology™ and TKR Technology™ work together to keep your gun running with incredibly crisp trigger breaks.

Zero Creep

The Dvorak TriggerScan™ System is a computer controlled, motorized instrument, specifically designed to test trigger mechanisms of firearms. The system provides precise and repeatable graphical evidence of trigger quality. The patented technology sets a new standard in trigger quality evaluation. The Dvorak TriggerScantm provides empirical evidence that Frictionless Release Technology™ enables TriggerTech to achieve a true zero-creep release.

This is a Dvorak TriggerScan™ of one of the most highly regarded friction-based, aftermarket AR15 triggers. This trigger features a short take up to a lengthy first stage and, once at the wall, has over 0.010” of creep before the breakpoint. The reset requires a user to go back to the beginning of the first stage with a reset length of over 0.110”.

This is a Dvorak TriggerScan™ of TriggerTech’s Adaptable AR Primary Trigger set at 2.25 lbs. This trigger features a very short first stage and, once at the wall, has zero creep before the breakpoint. Zero creep is demonstrated by there being no flat section of the line after the wall. The reset is such that you are not required go all the way back the start of the first stage and results in a reset length of less than 0.030”.

This Dvorak Trigger scan shows TriggerTech’s Adaptable AR Primary Trigger set at 2.25 lbs against 4 leading friction-based, aftermarket AR15 triggers. These scans highlight what you would feel when you shoot a TriggerTech. There is no comparison.